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Personal, customized service.

At Liyatshwa Safaris, every itinerary that we create is designed in conjunction with our clients, taking into account their own interests and circumstances. From airline tickets to hotel bookings, transfers, guides, and all imaginable logistics, we will take care of every arrangement so that all you do is sit back and absorb Africa. In this way we offer a unique service to the discerning traveller, allowing you the flexibility to sculpt your own 'African experience' which fully meets, and even exceeds, your dreams and aspirations, without any concern for the mundane details.

This dedication to service and attention to detail is not only a feature upon which we pride ourselves, but is also one of the most important criteria we look for in the safari camps, lodges and hotels in our Liyatshwa Safaris portfolio. From the time you contact us, until after you return from your safari, you are assured of the type of friendly, professional, and personalized service that differentiates a good holiday from a truly memorable travel experience.

Online Catalogue | Why Liyatshwa Safaris? |  Personal Customised Service