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Why Do We Love Africa?
Why Do We Love Africa?

Please We Need Your Help in Raising Funds

LIYATSHWA SAFARIS SNP is seeking investments, donations and sponsorships for all facets of its Eco Tourism facility for Special Needs People, from the purchase of the land to stop the hunting to wildlife & conservation, building materials to start the construction of the lodge, etc.

Who Are We?

Prof. Marco Ravetto (Ph.D. Comp Sc.; MSc. Psych.) - Founder of Liyatshwa Safaris Previously having worked as Regional Director and consultant in the Information Technology Sector.

Mr. Alan B Macleod (BVSc. Dip Agric Sc). Veterinary Surgeon. - Initiator of Wilderness Wheels Africa. Previously private veterinary practitioner in SA, Director of the Animal Research Unit, University of Cape Town, South Africa and currently Head of Veterinary Biosecurity Services for New Zealand Government.

Dr. Elisa Ravetto-Mecco (Ph.D. Psych.). - Research Director of Liyatshwa Safaris and currently running her private practice in Johannesburg in quality of Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, and Supervisor.

What Do We Do?

Liyatshwa Safaris was founded by Prof. Marco Ravetto and Dr. Elisa Mecco and then joined by Mr. Alan Macleod with the dream of sharing the magic of Southern Africa with similar-minded travelers and explorers, and simultaneously contributing to wildlife management, nature conservation and cultural heritage in the region. These are the principles underlying every customized safari that we design.

Liyatshwa Safaris SNP was founded by Prof. Marco Ravetto, Mr. Alan Macleod and Dr. Elisa Mecco with the vision of revealing the magic of Southern Africa with Special Needs travelers and explorers, giving them a real taste of Southern African wildlife and cultural Heritage.

Online Catalogue |  About Us